Okanagan Growers and Compassion Club

Bekind mission

We value and support Medical Cannabis users so they feel safe and secure, and we will maintain a community based, open and transparent place for gathering and informing.

We promote and advocate for the health and emotional well being of our medical cannabis users.

We support a community of Medicanal Cannabis Growers and in doing so we strive to bring low cost and high quality product to our members.



We can help with navigating through the Health Canada Application Process. We have information and resources on medicinal cannabis. We have plenty of hugs, food security and support for times of crisis. BeKind works with UBC Okanagan to create community connections and collaborations.


Our membership is one of the strongest memberships in Canada. We provide community support through education, both private and public informational seminars and local media. We provide food security for members and redirection for people in crises to community support groups. Membership has its privileges.


One of the biggest funding venues for BeKind is the food bank that is located on site. We often support community events through In-kind supplies. We do seasonal events that members can participate in where prizes and cash are given away. We value and support our members like family.


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    Cannabis Indica

    Cannabis Indica is known for it’s relaxing, sedative effects and can help treat symptoms like pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Most consumers prefer to use C. Indica in the evening because of it’s strong full-body effects.

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    Cannabis Sativa

    Cannabis Sativa is known for it’s uplifting, energizing effects and can help treat symptoms like depression, fatigue, and ADD. Most patients prefer to use C. Sativa in the morning through the afternoon because of its contrasting cerebral effects.

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    Cannabis Hybrids

    Hybrids are a result of growers combining the genetics of strains from varying geographic locations. Effects of hybrids range from dominantly sativa or dominantly indica to an on-the-fence, down-the-middle that is both full-body and cerebral.

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    Edidble Cannabis is available in a wide variety of products including brownies, cookies, lollipops, chocolates, and freezies. Edibles are a great alternative for patients who are unable to smoke their medicine.

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    Concentrates are created from a refinement process that extracts THC from raw cannabis. Concentrates can have THC levels as high as 80%. New methods of processing have led way to a variety of types.

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    Miracle oil

    Miracle Oil is a multi-purpose medication that can be ingested with food or beverage, or used as a topical ointment. It has a higher levels of THC, but generaly not as high as other concentrates.

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